Doesn't come very often in Life
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aweeee yeeeeeeeee

i got job at starbucks holla

i will be qt barista 

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非日常 by 石崎@擬人化サ12b.


 I'm an elite pilot, chosen to protect all of mankind.
                                     - Asuka Langley Soryu


Twitter / noimmoi: てんたつ~




I should play this game.

took a nice break from my essay to read the final volume of denpa onna (the ln) i must say what a great series 

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when you got your ass beat in smash brothers



Homura Akemi Transformation

Does the background of the last gif look like an infinity to anyone else? Representing the infinite loop she trapped herself in?

Oh snap didn’t even think about that

sbux people are bretty nice went in and handed in my resume but sadly the manager was on peak so i talked with the assistant manager and currently they werent hiring right now until summer but the other two stores in the area are and she said she’d submit my resume and mention me to the other store managers bc they are really understaffed, also got a free macchiato uwu 

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